Do you have acne problems?

Nowadays, many of young girls (and also older ones) have the face covered by acne.

acne problem


Clinique has a solution?

Well, maybe. This foaming cleanser cleans your face quickly and easily, leaving no residue, no oil, no make-up, and no dirt.

The light formula stays as a liquid while it’s in the bottle, but when you pump it out of the special foam-making cap, it turns into a rich creamy lather that is a pleasure to put on your face.

I have used it for several months now, and I would recommend it to anybody who is unsatisfied with his or her current cleanser.

Even if you like your current cleanser, give this one a try because it is probably better!

Clinique’s Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam is slightly medicated to help treat acne. The medicine gets down into your pores and wipes out dangerous bacteria that put you at risk for pimples.

Salycyclic Acid  helps treat existing blemishes, but more importantly, it helps prevent new blemishes from forming by wiping out these bacteria. I’ve noticed great improvements in my acne since using this product, and I think it is definitely because the medicine does what it is supposed to do.

Within a couple of days of using this product, my moderate acne was significantly less red and I had fewer pimples.

Since using the cleanser regularly for a few months now, I rarely get new pimples, and when I do, they go away much faster than when I was using a non-medicated cleanser.

Smell of the skin

The feeling of using the Cleansing Foam is unique because of the special texture of the liquid-to-foam formula. There’s really nothing like it. The cleanser has a very clean-smelling scent that reminds me of a spa.

Everytime I use it I feel like I am at the spa, when really I am at home in my bathroom.

I love Clinique’s Acne Solutions because it cleanses my skin completely, taking off all of the oil and make-up in just one application of the cleanser.

cleansing foam application

With many other cleansers, I have apply the cleanser and rinse it off twice before I feel like all the junk that has accumulated on my face throughout the day is gone. But with this product I am clean and ready-to-go after just one round of rinsing.

My thoughts

This cleanser removes all the oil on my face, but it doesn’t leave me feeling excessively dried out. When I follow it with my favorite moisturizer, my skin feels balanced, healthy, and extremely clean!

I will probably never switch to another cleanser, because I do not think it can get easier or better than this Clinique product.

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