Clinique bonus + other GWP offers in 2015

Gift with Purchase (GWP) is a merchandising promotion that offers a free gift to customers if their shopping bag satisfies a specified conditions. For example: Favorite

Buy <something>, get <a product> at 100 percent off.

These promotions are especially very popular across the cosmetics brands like Clinique, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Sephora, Philosophy, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden and many others.


Where are the gift with purchase offers now in March 2015?

  • Cliniqueruns promotions called Clinique bonus time, which happens all year round in certain department stores.
    • Finally here – Macys spring bonus time. Nudes or Pinks with $27 Clinique purchase.
    • If you are from United Kingdom you can visit Boots and get an exclusive spring Clinique gift. Exp.: 28 March 2015.
    • The same gift as it was at Dillards is now available at Boscovs, as well.
  • Lancôme
    • 3 different gifts to choose from are now available at Nordstrom.
    • Choose 5 Lancome products + get another two. 7pc gift is now available at Belk
    • 2 variants of gift to choose from at Von Maur (free with 39.50 purchase)
    • Bloomingdales offers spring Lancome gifts with $35 or $70 purchase.
    • + click here for all Lancome gifts.
  • Estée Lauder
    • Choose your spring EL gift now at Bloomingdales – complimentary with $45 purchase.
    • 2 gifts are available at Von Maur – with $45 and $75 purchase now in March.
    • A new 8-piece gift with $35 purchase at Macy’s. Optional: Spend $70 and get even more.
    • The same looking gift is now available at Boscov’s and Dillard’s.
    • + more gwp offers



favourite-offer-march-15The biggest beauty event during this month will be at Dillards. Dillards will be offering an 7-piece gift with 27 USD purchase.

Most likely there will be two variants to choose from – Nudes or Violets.

More information here.

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The promotion times are very popular in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Things to keep in mind:

If you are living in those countries and especially if you are in a big cities, I would recommend you pre-ordering the bonus.

There are dates for each bonus period, BUT there is also a notice: “while supplies last” for each promo. That’s the reason why pre-ordering isn’t a wasting of time. As soon as I know about a new offer I will add it to my schedule list.

How to pre-order and secure the bonus gift?

You can reserve a gift like I do; you basically go in-store and say what you want. Ask about the bonus, they will inform you about the minimum amount so you know how much you need to spend in order to get the gift.

Are the GWP offers available online only?

It depends. Usually, the promotions are available online as well as in-store. When talking about Clinique bonus time promotion at a particular department store, I think the bonus is always available at the Clinique counter (in-store) and sometimes for online purchasing.

The most popular department stores for Clinique bonus
United States Canada United Kingdom and Ireland
Dillard’s The Bay Boots
Macy’s Sears Debenhams
Nordstrom Brown Thomas
Belk Fenwick
Macy’s House of Fraser

+ many others like: Saks, Boscov’s, Cos Bar, Bloomingdales, Bon Ton, …

Almost the same stores are participating on the other GWP offers provided by Estee Lauder and Lancome.

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I haven’t receive any bonus or gift yet. But I want! will definitely go to for the Clinque bonus at Nordstrom!!



thanks for the info. Do you know whether the minimum dollar we have to spend to qualify to get the bonus? I need some stuff but may want to buy them when bonus is available.



which bonus offer do you mean, Melanie? but it is around 20-30 USD but sometimes (in Australia for example) it can be 60 AUD.



I got as presents your Bonus Gifts of skin care and sunblock products from a good friend of mine who received it when purchasing a mascara from Clinique. I love your products after using it for a trial. Will buy for sure.



Glad to hear it, that you like Clinque, Tara



I love getting gifts with purchase as it allows me to try new products.


Christina Marie

I’ve never gotten anything with a purchase, that I can recall. It’s a great idea, though. Thanks for the info!


Lisa Marie Anctil

I always used to get the Clinique gift with purchase! I actually always try to get a gift with purchase if it is something I would purchase anyway!



If I remember correctly I have not received a gift with purchase.


sarah miller

I like when companies offer gwp, we all love a bonus. that said a giveaway is so much fun to win, everybody loves a gift


Tami Von Zalez

I received a tote bag with a purchase of Hippy Chic True Religion brand fragrance.


Anastasia K

I love Clinique makeup!


ken ohl

My wife always shops for her cosmetics this way. Love’s the gifts



Yes, I’ve gotten the gifts with purchase. I don’t always end up using all the products, but still love having the chance to try them.


sandra davis

i havent received any gifts with purchases yet. but sounds like i am missing out on alot. would be great to get



I got a free nail polish when I bought two at Ulta. I liked it. But it depends it has to be something you want.


Debbie Loy

Ive gotten Lancome and clinique GWP’s before the perfume is really good in the Lancome and the eye shadow in the clinique.


Sylvia Zajis

I used to get them all the time with Clinique purchases. However, in today’s economy I just can not afford the high line cosmetics to get those extra freebies. I did love them when I got them.



Yes, actually I got a make up bag with some eye shadow, mascara, a travel mirror and lipstick with a purchase of an Estee Lauder foundation set. Probably one of the best gifts I’ve received with a purchase.
falses1gns at gmail dot com



I have received a gift with purchase from a few places, such as Estee Lauder. I was pleased because it included amazing mascara.



yes! i always get the clinique bonus and i love it! although, i have a closet full of those little bags they come in!



I love gift with purchase–I’ve gotten them with perfume and makeup. Always pleased with them


Tina Taylor

I got a free gift when i bought some perfume at Dillards. The free gift was a pouch and a sample of perfumes.


Barbara smith

I only buy Clinique when there a super gift, that way I try new things.I wish you would have more time to get gifts. Bring them on!


Julie Murphy

i got a free tote with a purchase and others and have never been unsatisfied



Yes, I have received a clinique bronzer and it was great! Perfect shade for the summer!



Its been a long while since i splurged on dept store makeup, let alone got a gwp. But, its super cool that you have put together this awesome list, so if i do decide to treat myself, i know when and where to go!! Thanks :-)



I’ve been using Clinique products for years! Absolutely love the foundations they offer, especially the Even Better Makeup:) The free gift with purchase is always a nice treat! Thanks for this opportunity!



Love GWP & Clinique! I received one from Macy’s and enjoy trying new things. Usually try to stock up on my usual items when there is a GWP. Thanks!


Michelle Olney

I’ve gotten a few gifts with purchase from Macy’s. A couple with perfume purchases and a couple with makeup purchases. I love them!



Love clinique products!! No fragrance, no residue, not oily, & perfect line of something for everyone (even the guys!)



I love Clinique GWP! It’s how I justify the purchase of pricey skincare products. For me, it’s a little like gambling…I have to decide if I want to go for the bonus right now, or hold out and see if a better one is going to be offered at a different department store.



I have purchased gifts with purchase at Nordstroms and Macy’s. I love the fact that I can try samples of new or different items and therefore buy the products I enjoy.


Becky Richied

Yes I have received a free gift, like when I order a certain amount of something at Target they have a gift card w/ purchase those are my favorite so I can choose something else I want or need.



I love your website and ever since i joined in march this year i have been able to take advantage of 2 clinique promotions and 2 for lancome…thank you!

I would love to see if there are also GWP from Dior or Chanel, let us know if you hear anything!


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